The Genesis of Podcasting

cartoon microphone

How Finnish inventor Ville Jäätölö, aka “Chilly Willy”, stumbled upon the sport of podcasting.

Interviewer: “Willy, how did a normal fishing trip lead to podcasting?”

Willy: “I was ice-fishing with a friend, enjoying bottle of Koskenkorva. Most popular Finnish schnapps. Fish were not biting and we got bored. We started casting, trying to hit a hole in the ice with our fishing hooks. I guess Koskenkorva was going to my head. I took big swing and we heard horrible scraping noise. I looked at chair and iPod was gone! It was sliding across ice.”

Interviewer: “Woah! But that was not the birth of podcasting, was it.”

Willy: “Five years later, I saw presentation of new iPhone and felt totally depressed.”

Interviewer: “Wait! You’re the first person I have ever heard say the iPhone was depressing.”

Willy: “That’s easy to explain. I was working for Finnish mobile phone company…”

Interviewer: “Okay, now I’m beginning to understand.”

Willy: “I saw amazing new design and just thought, oh sh**, we’re f*#!%$. Our phones seemed like from Stone Age now. After sharing bottle of Koskenkorva with my friend, we remembered iPod casting accident…”

Interviewer: “Rods, hooks, and iPods were soon flying through the air, I take it.”

Willy: “Then colleague made video. He emailed it to friends and somebody called it ‘iPod-casting’. Later, we changed name to pod-casting because of trademark.”

Interviewer: “When did other people start podcasting?”

Willy: “Videos were passed around in the company and other people began podcasting.”

Interviewer: “It’s now a very popular sport with international championships. For anyone wanting to try this at home, you don’t use a real hole in the ice. Just mark a round area on the ground. You also don’t need to use real classic iPods. Podcasters use dummies, simply known as ‘pods’, which have the same weight and size as a classic iPod. Willy, it must be a very strange sight, people competing to cast iPods through the air.”

Willy: “Hey, we have wife carrying and rubber boot throwing. Casting iPods is not strange idea at all. Drink some Koskenkorva and you will soon understand.”

* Note, Finnish language contains no articles.

Remixes welcome.

License: CC-NC-SA, Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-A-Like License. Give credit to the original author when distributing.

Unless you have been living under the proverbial rock, you will be aware that: iPod and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Incorporated.

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