A-Z Blogging Challenge 2012 Navigation Buttons

A-Z Challenge Navigation Buttons

The A-Z navigation buttons are back in 2012. A little late to the party, but with extra goodness: Snazzy colours, a “Loading buttons…” animation, and a counter so you know how many sites you’ve visited.

It’s difficult to navigate a list of nearly 2000 sites. So I created a widget with two simple buttons letting you easily navigate the long list of sites.

The “Next” button let’s you move along sequentially, starting at site 1, then 2, 3, etc. The “Surprise Me!” button (aka “Scotty”) will beam you to a random blog. I encourage using the “Surprise Me!” button because it is much fairer to all participants. Every site gets an equal chance at being visited!

Benefits of using the buttons

  • Quickly navigate the challenge without scrolling up and down a long page
  • It’s less daunting than looking at almost 2000 links and wondering how you could visit them all
  • The “Surprise Me!” button creates a level playing field for all blogs because sites are picked at random
  • A counter tells you how many sites you have already visited
  • The buttons should work until the end of the year so you can continue discovering new sites after the challenge has ended (if the linky list format changes and the buttons break email me about it
  • Easy to add to the widget. It’s just copy and paste
  • Non-Blogger users, e.g. on WordPress.COM, can use this dedicated page which also has the buttons

Blogger users can add the widget to their site following the instructions below.  Continue reading “A-Z Blogging Challenge 2012 Navigation Buttons”